【Wristwatch introductory Lesson I:Watch movement types and differences】

In the watch market, there are ordinary and expensive. The price difference can be so so big. In addition to the gorgeous jewelry inlaid on the watch, the difference in the structural parts of the watch itself is also one of the decisive factors. Most watches in the world can be roughly divided into two types according to the type of movement: Quartz movement and Mechanical movement. Have you noticed that the most expensive watches on the market are mainly mechanical watches? Do you know why? 


Quartz Movement:

・Simple Structure. The motor is driven by the battery to drive the pointer towards.
・The only time component is a piece of quartz.
・Thin case and lightweight
・Accurate travel time, the error can be kept within 1 second

      NSQUARE Sweetie Quartz Series 51mm N19.5 Hyper Violet



      NSQUARE Sweetie Quartz Series 51mm N19.13 Big Yellow


      NSQUARE Sweetie Quartz is specially designed for women who also like larger dials but only find boring styles in the past. The 51mm dial uses a Japanese quartz movement. The second hand stops at any position. The main feature is a sweet pantone monochromatic design, matched with sparkling Swarovski crystals with the skeleton watch. The style is lively and vital without losing its temperament. The rubber strap fits comfortably on your wrist. Ladies can still keep their sharpest faces no matter they go shopping and do sports.



      Mechanical Movement:

      ・Operates on a mechanical principle, using the spring in the movement to store kinetic energy to drive the gears to push the hands towards.
      ・The standard mechanical watch has at least about 130 parts. The more expensive and more complicated, the more parts are involved.
      ・Simply use the clockwork to store kinetic energy without worrying about battery problems.
      ・Can be divided into manual / automatic winding; automatic winding is further divided into one-way / two-way.
      ・Generally can use more than ten years.

          NSQUARE Snake King Automatic Watch 46mm N10.6 Blue Steel/Blue



          NSQUARE Snake King Automatic Watch 46MM N10.8 Devil Gold


          Snake King series, NSquare's best-selling series. With a mysterious charm and unique snake design, it seized the hearts of fans. All Snake King series use automatic movement, one-way winding mode, both manual or automatic winding. 46mm diameter stainless steel 316L case, with different colors and snake scale embossed straps, allowing you to match your different shapes at will.

          The SNAKE KING series is stylish and elegant, and you can bring it whenever you go to work, meetings or dating. No need to worry about being unmotivated once you wear it all the time with you.


          To sum up, we make a gentle summary and comparison for you:

           1. Accuracy

          The accuracy of quartz watches is consistent. The internal quartz crystal provides a stable pulse wave, so it can maintain a fairly high accuracy, and the daily error can be kept within 1 second.

          Due to the sophisticated and complex structure of mechanical watches, it is easy to reduce the accuracy of the time due to the influence of external factors. Moreover, if the winding is not enough, the mechanical watch will not have enough power, which will slow down the travel time. Under normal circumstances, there may be at least 4 to 5 seconds of error per day.

          2. Power source

          -Quartz watches need to replace the battery regularly, and the life of the battery is generally about 2-3 years.

          -The automatic machine uses only the clockwork to store kinetic energy, so there is no need to worry about battery problems.

          3. Weight

          Generally speaking, because of the simple structure and parts, quartz watches are generally more complex and lighter than mechanical watches.

          Standard mechanical watches normally have about 130 parts. Of course, the more expensive and more complex mechanical watches involve more parts, the weight is naturally heavier.



          In response to different movements, the difference between the two movements can actually be seen from the surface.

          Here is a little trick to share with you;)

          Reference for distinguishing mechanical watches and quartz watches:

          ・From the perspective of the second hand, The second hand of a quartz watch has the tick-tick motion that moves once per second while mechanical watches have a smooth, sweeping seconds motion.





            The little knowledge about watches provided by NSQUARE will be dismissed first. This time, we shared the difference between quartz watches and mechanical watches in the simplest way. Next, we will talk about the precautions and tips for winding mechanical watches. Devil is in the detail. Stay tuned and learn more!

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            1. 【NSQUARE無限小知識】玩錶快速入門法:先了解自動機芯及石英機芯分別?
















            NSQUARE Sweetie Quartz甜美系列 石英-51毫米 N19.5 超艷紫羅蘭



            NSQUARE Sweetie Quartz甜美系列 石英-51毫米 N19.13 大黃


            NSquare Sweetie Quartz甜美系列,專門設計予同樣喜愛較大直徑錶盤卻又嫌以往款式乏味的女士而設。51mm直徑錶盤,使用日本石英機芯,秒針任意位置停止機能,主打甜美pantone單色設計,配合閃閃生輝的施華洛水晶,鏤空錶盤設計,款式活潑調皮又不失氣質。橡膠尼龍錶帶,舒適貼合手腕,女士們亦可帶住靚靚咁無論去邊,行街買餸shopping做運動都唔驚。










            NSQUARE Snake King蛇皇系列 自動錶-46毫米 N10.6 鋼藍色



            NSQUARE Snake King蛇皇系列 自動錶-46毫米 N10.8 魔王金


            Snake King蛇皇系列,NSquare的皇牌熱賣系列首選。以擁有神秘魅力既獨特蟒蛇設計俘虜一眾錶迷的心。Snake King全系列均使用自動上弦機芯,單向上鍊模式,可手動或自動上鍊,46mm直徑不銹鋼316L錶殻,配有不同顏色及蛇鱗紋理壓花錶帶讓你隨意配搭你的不同造型。SNAKE KING蛇皇系列時尚優雅,不論返工開會、收工約會去邊都帶得,時刻帶住就唔怕無動力啦。





            1. 精準度



            2. 動力來源



            3. 重量






            • 以外觀來比較,機械錶走時會比石英錶暢,從秒針走時來看,機械錶的秒針多是不間斷順滑前走,石英錶的秒針則會一格一跳;





            由NSQUARE提供的玩錶小知識就先下課了,這次為大家用最簡單最淺白的方式告訴石英錶和機械錶的分別,接下來就會講機械錶上鍊的注意事項和小提示,上鍊亦有不少魔鬼細節在其中。敬請留意我們的Youtube頻道:【NSQUARE無限小知識】 或 官網網誌更新。

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